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Mobile Pet Grooming Middle Tennessee

Have your pet bathed and groomed in the comfort of your own driveway.

Specials this month:
ADD Shed reduction treatment for $15
For the Month of December, I am going to have a picture area set up to take a picture of your pet if you get a bath, or bath plus groom in the month of december.


All purpose shampoo
oatmeal shampoo
whitening shampoo
medicated shampoo
lavender calming shampoo
flea  & tick shampoo
hypoallergenic shampoo
tearless shampoo
 skunk shampoo (add $30)
Not sure which one you want? Ask me! I can suggest the best shampoo for your special friend's coat care.
Servicing Area:

Mobile comes from Beechgrove TN. Manchester, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne, Bell Buckel, Wartrace, Shelbyville, Woodbury, Readyville, Tullahoma, Christiana, Columbia, (if you are near by one of these just ask) Due to the high price of gas we will be in certin towns on specific days.


Cell: 724-689-4161
      Call or Text
I will answer all calls/ texts, If I dont get back to you in 24 hours please message me again I might not have had service and know i missed you.
Monday to Friday by appointment only.
closed saturdays and sundays.
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