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Mobile Baths starting at $55 for example small Chihuahua short hair dog.

Mobile Bath&Grooms starting at $75 for example a small Chihuahua dog in

un-matted, no tangles, with good behavior.


Certified Master Groomer, Certified Pet Groomer, Certified Pet Hygienist.

I love making a difference one pet spa day at a time. -Becky


Baths incudes: Bath Pick Shampoo(not sure which shampoo i can help you pick the best one for your furry friend), High Velocity Dryer(helps blow out dead shedding coats), Nail clipping, Ears cleaned, Pads of feet shaved, and sanitary trim if breed appropriate. Bows or Bandana and Doggie Cologne spray to finish at no extra charge.

Grooms include: Bath Pick Shampoo(not sure which shampoo i can help you pick the best one for your furry friend), High Velocity Dryer(helps blow out dead shedding coats), Hair Cut, Nail clipping, Ears Cleaned and Plucked if breed appropriate, sanitary trim, pads of feet shaved if breed appropriate. Bows or Bandana and Doggie Cologne Spray to finish at no extra charge.


Most of my customers are on, 3 weeks, 4 week, 5 week, 6 week, 8 weeks Schedules.

Specials: Schedule every 1 to 4 weeks can have FREE ($7) tooth brushing and FREE($7)nail buffing grinding each appt.

Specials: Schedule every 5 or 6 weeks can have, Free tooth brushing or nail buffing grinding.

----ADD A Shed Reduction Treatment for $15


If you are looking for the cheapest groomer you can find I am not for you. I am a convenient mobile service. My prices reflect my skill and must cover my expenses (gas, insurance, time of travel, and truck matience). A Chihuahua bath starts at $55, Chihuahua bath plus groom starts at $75. A Shih Tzu is larger then a Chihuahua so a Shih Tzu bath starts at $60. And a Shih Tzu bath plus groom starts at $80. A Golden Retriever bath starts at $95 size and thickness effect price. And a Golden Retriever Bath and groom starts at $130+. I Hand dry my dogs and cats it can take some time. I love the results. If your Golden Retriever is really thick it can take me a long time to dry. 

Prices below are start prices. They can be higher. Example: If you have a yorkie that is twice the size as normal it will be higher. With good behavior. No Biting or trying to bite. No Matting or Tangles coat in good condition. 

American Staffordshire Terrier Mobile Bath usually$75-85 depending on size

Australian Cattle Dog Mobile Bath$80

Australian Shepherd Mobile Bath$85+, Mobile Bath&Groom$130

Basset Hound Mobile Bath$70

Beagle Mobile Bath$65

Bichon Frise Mobile Bath $60 Mobile Bath&Groom$85

Black and Tan Coonhound Mobile Bath$75

Bloodhound Salon Mobile Bath$85

Bluetick Coonhound Mobile Bath$75

Border Collie Mobile Bath$85 Mobile Bath&Groom$100

Boston Terrier Mobile Bath$60

Boxer Salon Mobile Bath$65

Brittany Salon Mobile Bath$85 Mobile Bath&Groom$130

Brussels Griffon Mobile Bath $65, Mobile Bath&Groom$85

Bullmastiff Mobile Bath$95

Cairn Terrier Mobile Bath$70 Mobile Bath&Groom$85

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mobile Bath$75 Mobile Bath&Groom$90

Chihuahua Mobile Bath$55 Mobile Bath&Groom$75

Chinese Crested Mobile Bath$55 Mobile Bath&Groom$65

Cocker Spaniel Mobile Bath$75, Mobile Bath&Groom$90

Dachshund Mobile Bath$55, Mobile Bath&Groom$75

Dalmation Mobile Bath$75

Doberman Pinscher Mobile Bath$80               


Doodles Mobile Bath&Grooming $185                       

German Shepherd Dog Mobile Bath$95 Mobile Bath&Groom$130

Golden Retriever Mobile Bath$95 Mobile Bath&Groom$130

Great Dane Mobile Bath$85

Great Pyrenees Mobile Bath$95-115 Mobile Bath&Groom$140+

Greyhound Mobile Bath$65

Havanese Bath$65 Mobile Bath&Groom$85

Labrador Retriever Mobile Bath$85 Mobile Bath&Groom$130

Lhasa Apso Mobile Bath$65 Mobile Bath&Groom$85

Maltese Salon Mobile Bath$65, Mobile Bath&Groom$75

Mastiff Mobile Bath$110 

Miniature Pinsher Mobile Bath$65

Miniature Schnauzer Mobile Bath$65 Mobile Bath&Groom$85

Papillion Mobile Bath$65, Mobile Bath&Groom$75

Pekingese Salon Mobile Bath$70, Mobile Bath&Groom$85

Polmeranian Mobile Bath$60, Mobile Bath&Groom$75

Poodle Small Mobile Bath$60, Mobile Bath&Groom$75

Poodle Large Mobile Bath $120 Mobile Bath$Groom $185

Pug Salon Mobile Bath$65 Mobile Bath&Groom$80

Shih Tzu Mobile Bath$65 Mobile Bath&Groom$80

Siberian Husky Mobile Bath$110 Mobile Bath&Groom$130

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mobile Bath$75-85

Vizsla Salon Mobile Bath$75

Weimaraner Mobile Bath$90

West Highland White Terrier Mobile Bath$75 Mobile Bath&Groom$90

Whippet Mobile Bath$70

Yorkshire Terrier Mobile Bath$65 Mobile Bath&Groom$75



CATS:    ****we are not offering cat services at this time****


Extra Add ons to your service:

*Anal gland expression $5 

*Nail Grinding Buffing (I buff off the sharp part of the nail clipping trim only if dog willing) add $7.

*Teeth Brushing (not dental scaling) $7.

*Shedding Reduction Treatment add $15.

*Poodle feet add $15.

*Grooming a dog that gets a skirt. ex. Schnauzer or a Cocker spaniel. add $10

*Extra Dirty dog in mobile due to limited water add $10.

*Tick removal up to 15 free, then $15 every 15 minutes.

*Dematt brushing or tangled coat (I will not torture your pet if to painful I will clip and shave it out)

*Clipping out Matting removal in addition to above groom price at groomers discression.

*Difficult Behavior $3  to add soft muzzel, and up for bad behavior, if to difficult might not be able to provide service, owner is responsable for amount of service rendered. I do not groom difficult pets.

*Dog Bath Anal Glad Expression Add $5 (dog must be getting a bath), *manual expression can make your dog dependant on frequant manual expression, at owners request.


I do not offer hand stripping due to time restrains. But if you are not interested in having your pet clipped. And want hand stripping I have a wonderful friend that is very great and loves handstripping I send everyone to. Please contact me and I will be glad to get you set up with her contact info.


All above prices are for pets with a short good coat condition and good behavior. I do not groom difficult pets.

 All prices are subject to chage with out notice.

Grooming Pricesupdated 1-10-22 

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