My name is Becky, I have been grooming for over 11 years.

I started in to the pet grooming industry back in 2003. I am a CERTIFIED MASTER GROOMER, CERTIFIED PET GROOMER, CERTIFIED PET HYGENTIST.


I take pride in my work and love working with your furry friend and treat them just like they were mine.


Mobile Pet grooming is convient and many of the owners and pets are happier with the convience and added benifits that come with mobile grooming. Is your pet stressed with leaving home or car rides. Small dogs are ususally a hour. Larger dogs are usually 2 hours.


Due to the high cost of gas we are going to do certin towns on a specific day. Also will offer a discount for 4 or more getting a baths or grooms. Does not have to be yours can be your neighbors, a friends, family member. Just has to make a appointment for getting done at the same time & location and you will get a discount.


I have had Cocker Spaniels my entire life. But I have many favorite breeds.

About my 4 legged famaily, we have 2 Cocker Spaniels, 2 Great Pyrenees, a 2 Boxers, and a Rottweiler. Some were rescues. And 3 horses Blondie, Penny and Coosa, i use to show english hunter jumper but my horses are all getting older and are retired pets. Above is a Picture of me Riding Blondie.



“The best place to take your loving pet. Becky takes really good care of the animals like they were her own. She does a superb job on grooming my dog Nizmo and making him look really good THANK YOU BECKY for your excellent work"  ​

Stacy Baily, Nizmo's owner


“Becky is great with my babies and since they don't like to ride in the car"Paw Mobile" is Great for us!."  ​

Teresa Collins, Rain, Bear, Buddy's owner


Servicing Area:

Mobile comes from Beechgrove TN. Manchester, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne, Bell Buckel, Wartrace, Shelbyville, Woodbury, Readyville, Tullahoma, Christiana, Columbia, (if you are near by one of these just ask) Due to the high price of gas we will be in certin towns on specific days.


Cell: 724-689-4161
      Call or Text
I will answer all calls/ texts, If I dont get back to you in 24 hours please message me again I might not have had service and know i missed you.
Monday to Friday by appointment only.
closed saturdays and sundays.
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