Common Questions

Q: How much for just a nail trim?

         Tricky question usually you need to at least be getting a bath which includeds a nail trim. But I have been getting this question often. So I have come up with a new idea. My lowest charge is $40 so if you would like just a nail trim for your cat or dog it would be $40.

          If we are at your location grooming your Polmeranian and you, or your neighbor have another dog that is not getting bathed or groomed and you would like them to have just a nail trim while we are already there it is just $15 to add a nail trim.

          Please understand we can not drive to a location to do just a $15 nail trim. So if you want a mobile appointment for us just to come to do a nail trim it would be $40 for the first nail trim then $15 for each additional nail trim at that location and time.

Q & A

Q: Are you experenced?

        Yes I started into the grooming industry 11 years ago, I am Certified Master Groomer, Certified Pet groomer, Certified Pet Hygentist.


Q: Do you groom show dogs?

        Unfortunatly at this time with due to mobile time restrains we do not offer grooming to show animals, I love providing loving baths and hair cuts to pets.


Q: Are you insured?



Q: I have a special needs/ concerns pet do you do them?

        Yes, I have done 3 leg pets to elderly pets with leg and joint problems. I am very careful and gentle. Please tell me your concerns and let me know what your pets situation is.


Q: Do you offer a multiple pet discount?

         Yes if you are getting 4 or more pets bathed or groomed you will get a discount, it saves travel time and gas to be in one location. When you set up your appointment just let us know your family or friend or neighbors would also like to get their pets done when we are at that location. (no discounts in columbia due to drive)

My site is still under construction, still have more to add.


I do not offer hand stripping due to time restrains. But if you are not interested in having your pet clipped. And want hand stripping I have a wonderful friend that is very great and loves handstripping I send everyone to. Please contact me and I will be glad to get you set up with her contact info.

MORE Terms and Policys

Cat soft claw $25 one color if adding to cat bath or groom service. (if your cat is difficult for bath or groom service i reserve the right to put them on for my safety adding $25.) 


Cat soft claws 1 color in mobile in beechgrove $25


Teeth Brushing (not dental scaling) add $7


Shedding reduction Treatment add $15


Grooming a Skirt, example a schnauzer or cocker spaniel with a skirt add $10.


Poodle feet on a non-poodle breed add $10.


Skunk shampoo add $30


Extra Dirty dog in mobile due to limited water add $10.


Tick removal up to 15 free, then $15 every 15 minutes.


Dematt brushing or tangled coat brushing $20 every 15 minutes. (I will not torture your pet if to painful I will clip and shave it out)


Clipping out Matting removal is a additional charge to above breed prices. determed by groomer.


Difficult Behavior $3 to add soft muzzel, and up due to behavior, if to difficult might not be able to do.


Dog Bath Anal Glad Expression Add $5, *manual expression can make your dog dpendant on frequant manual expression, at owners request.


If to dificult groomer may not be able to provide service, owner is responsable for amount of service rendered. I do not groom dificult pets. All prices are subject to chage with out notice.

Terms and Policys

Sorry I had to make policys but we all learn from experence.


I will confirm all my appointments the day before, if I arrive that day and no one is there to surrender the pet, or no prior arrangements has been made, I will leave you a invoice for twice the amount service!


Appointments canceled less than 24 hour notice will be charged $20!


I reserve the right to cancel and rescedule due to Equipment failure, Weather, Wind (Mobile is top heavy).


Prices are subject to change with out notice due to some pets coats condition or behavior. I do not groom extremely difficult pets.


I do understand life happens. I dont mean to scare anyone off but if you do I reserve the right to charge.